Let's get this show on the road

Travelling is not just about hitting the road and flying to new destinations. There is a minimum of preparation, relax, Here's things to pack in your backpack for a long trip away!


First of all, take a look at the weather forecast, a first big step towards less stress.

• Choose the most comfortable clothes possible, wherever you decided to travel! In the essentials, just in case, think about a warm sweater and a swimsuit for the whole family. You don't know what your adventure will be made of.

•Don't forget to bring tote bags. They are essential for storage and organization, think about your waste, your dirty laundry, ...

• Your vehicle has no drinking water, remember to take bottled water for your drinks, excursions or hikes.

• You will be on the road for long periods of time. To avoid spending money unnecessarily at gas stations, consider taking a few snacks with you. Prepare in advance, it will be healthier.

• It's raining, you want to enjoy all the comfort of your vehicle while waiting for the end of the rain ... and well take with you some board games. They will make the happiness of the youngest to the oldest!

• Here's a must-have for every one of your travels! Prepare your first aid kit. Make sure you have gas compresses, tweezers, antibiotic ointment, anti-inflammatory ointment, bandages, medical tape, elastic bandages, painkillers, antacids and venom aspirator.

• Just in case, think of an umbrella..

• For a walk or a visit, don't forget a backpack. It will accompany you everywhere and you will put everything you need while keeping the maximum of freedom!

•You are on holiday yes, but... don't forget a battery charger for your electronic devices. It would be a shame not to immortalize your moments of bravery or the magnificent landscapes you will encounter.

You have everything and more?! Now organize your suitcase ... don't forget the practical spaces like in your shoes to hold a few things. The little trick in addition, to take advantage of the maximum space and the best storage of your suitcase: combine folded and rolled clothes ... Also prefer foldable bags for easier storage.