Prepare and live your motorhome trip

Caramaps is a collaborative web and mobile platform designed to facilitate the travel of motorhome travelers in Europe. Users can search according to their needs, their budget, their interests and their geographical position. Thanks to the contribution of the entire community, the database is enriched every day.

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With your Avis Car Away booking, you can benefit from a free premium mode until the end of your stay. You can plan your trip, tell your stories on a logbook and enjoy the offline mode on your smartphone or tablet.

Motorhome travelers use Caramaps before, during and after their trips.

While organizing his trip, the motorhome driver can draw his next itinerary step by step according to his desires: destinations, activities, services, comfort and budget. This itinerary will be saved in his personal space, and can be consulted and modified at any time on the website and the mobile application.

During his trip, the motorhome driver will be able to consult the descriptions of all the Caramaps addresses directly on his mobile application, in particular according to his GPS position: service areas, campsites, car parks, farm areas ... Once his next step found, the activation of the integrated GPS will allow him to be guided.

Beyond a map and a simple database, the tool is interactive thanks to comments, notes and photos shared by the community. Thanks to its contribution, the database is updated in real time.

Caramaps will accompany you before, during and after your motorhome trip!

Download the application now or go to and have a nice trip!

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