Buy together, only pay your share !

NEW : Avis Car-Away is partnering with PLEDG to help you organise your motorhome vacation.

What is PLEDG ? 

They say if you want to keep you friends, pay up !

PLEDG payment solution enables you to easily book your trips by sharing payment of your motorhome with your friends at checkout. No more money pot, transfers, calculations, ... with PLEDG only one person books and everyone pays their share via a payment link. It's simple and 100% secure !


How does it work ?

Nothing's easier !

1. At checkout, choose the option “Split the payment with Pledg".

2. Enter your friends' email addresses, you want to split the bill with.

3. Fill in you payment info and PLEDG takes care of everything : advances cash for the group, collects cash from your friends and send payment reminder notifications.

4. Your friends have 48 hours to pay. Your share will be debited only after the last transaction

5. You receive the purchase confirmation for the group


Check out all the information on PLEDG FAQ