Travel diary: visit Switzerland in a motorhome

Want to travel around and visit Switzerland in a motorhome? Discover our 3-day tour and our recommendations for parking your vehicle. Rent a motorhome or a van from Avis Car Away in Lyon and head for the land of the Helvetians!

After exploring the south towards the Mediterranean basin, the Australian couple takes us to see sumptuous snowy landscapes.

Leaving from France, Elise and Josh take us around all the castles of the Loire before going to visit Switzerland.

Get excited in seconds with the following video:

Day 1: Geneva by motorhome

Arrived at the border between France and Switzerland in a motorhome, you must buy a sticker to be able to travel freely in the country:

  • for a motorhome weighing less than one ton, count 40 Swiss francs for one year, ie 38 €;
  • for a motorhome weighing more than 3.5 tonnes, it costs 38 € for 3 weeks.

Your motorhome tour of Switzerland begins in the city of Geneva, home to the tallest fountain in Europe! Come and discover the magnificent Lake Geneva, the old town, Saint-Pierre cathedral and its museums. But where to park your motorhome in Geneva?

  • Use the Park4Nightsapp to find a motorhome area in Switzerland.
  • Spend the night at the nearest guest house in the town of Presinge with Homecamper.


Day 2: Gruyère, Lucerne and Mount Pilatus by motorhome

Continue your visit of Switzerland in a motorhome, by going to the town of Gruyère, our favorite of this colorful confederation. It is a medieval city of irresistible charm, located in the canton of Friborg. Don't miss:

  • the pedestrian and paved city;
  • the famous Gruyère AOP;
  • the castle dating from the 13th century;
  • traditional restaurants;
  • the Chocolate Factory.

Get back on the road to visit Lucerne and park in one of Switzerland's motorhome areas. Then head to the Transport Museum, the only museum in the world that brings together all types of transport, from bicycles to airplanes.


Day 3: Friborg, the most beautiful Swiss city to visit

For your last day of visiting Switzerland in a motorhome, Friborg is, for many people, the most beautiful city in the country. She inherited a secular heritage. Opt for the funicular and discover its secrets by taking the height!

Here are our motorhome tips:

  • Swiss citizens are very courteous and understanding behind the wheel;
  • the legislation is very strict and many speed cameras are installed;
  • the fines, called the odd ones, are very quickly attributed;
  • it is difficult to find places to park outside the dedicated motorhome areas;
  • the electric current is the same as in France, 220 volts, but the sockets are different. When you arrive at a Swiss motorhome area, we will lend you some.

For your last night, enjoy the charm of a Huttopia campsite nestled in a magnificent forest on the border of French-speaking Switzerland.

Visit Switzerland in a motorhome and travel the roads along lakes, mountains and flower-filled towns. To cross the country and fully appreciate your road trip, choose the comfort of a motorhome rented with Avis Car-Away.