Travel diary: Corsica by motorhome

Corsica in a Motorhome: tips for an unforgettable road trip

  • In summary
  • 1. Ajaccio by motorhome: Day 1
  • 2. Our secret corners between Ajaccio and Bonifacio: Day 2
  • 3. Tips for visiting Bonifacio by motorhome: Day 3

Visiting Corsica in a motorhome is a motorhome's dream road trip! The good news is that you can cross the Mediterranean by plane or ferry without worrying about managing a motorhome! Rent it in Corsica at Avis Car-Away in Ajaccio. Plan to book it online beforehand. Discover all the comforts offered by these modern and ready-to-go vehicles. Follow the guide for a 3-day excursion between Ajaccio and Bonifacio in the south of Corsica!

1. Ajaccio by motorhome: Day 1

Our small tour of Corsica in a motorhome begins in Ajaccio. As soon as you arrive, immerse yourself in the excitement of the Place Abatucci market. What happiness! The city, marked by the presence of Napoleon Bonaparte, is full of surprises.

Park your vehicle in a motorhome area in Corsica provided for this purpose thanks to the good deals of Park4Night or in an address taken on CaraMaps suitable for motorhomes and vans.

  • A golden rule should be observed in Corsica: wild camping is strictly prohibited there, respect for the environment is essential.


2. Our secret corners between Ajaccio and Bonifacio: Day 2

Take the powder and head off to discover the most beautiful beaches in Corsica. Direction Sartène via the N196 and Propriano via a cliff road:

  • Join the D55 to cross picturesque seaside villages like Porticcio.
  • Take the D155 to reach Pointe de Castagna, Capo di Muro, Cala d´Orzu and Cala Cigliu at Capo Nero.
  • Walk along the ledge overlooking the Bay of Cupabia and join the Taravo and Pont valley, take the D175, follow the coast of the Gulf of Valinco.
  • End with the N196, you arrive at Propriano.
  • Then take the D121 to the sublime Belvedere-Campomoro.
  • Return to Sartène on the N196 and take a look at the Agriates and the prehistoric sites of Palaggiu and Cauria.
  • Continue to Roccapina and the Lion Rock, walk along the bay of Figari and the Gulf of Ventilegne to descend to Bonifacio.


3. Tips for visiting Bonifacio in a motorhome

This exceptional site has a prestigious citadel which dominates limestone and granite cliffs. Dare to take boat trips and climb the King of Aragon stairs to the top, it's incredible and unforgettable! Nevertheless, for a serene stay in a motorhome in Corsica or in a van, follow our tips:

  • Obey the speed limits and keep your safety distances (50 meters).
  • Be careful on the winding and steep roads, be patient, Corsica can be savored peacefully.
  • Avoid the period from July 15 to August 15 (traffic jams).
  • Favor overnight stays in a motorhome in the parking lot overlooking a sublime cove, this is offered by Park4Night in Bonifacio.
  • Discover spots with locals with HomeCamperin Corsica.

For a road trip in Corsica in a motorhome during a short stay, here is a very prestigious itinerary. Quickly discover other destinations in Corsica by motorhome rented with Avis Car-Away!