Norway by motorhome

To the North! This destination has been the dream of explorers for centuries. It marks the limit of the Arctic and Atlantic oceans, the Norwegian Sea and the Barents Sea. The North Cape by motorhome is a road-trip to unspoiled nature, fantastic landscapes, majestic glaciers and breathtaking northern lights.

The North Cape by motorhome

Arnaud, Marcelina and their dog Masha undertook this trip in a converted van, towards the North Cape. Two months rich in landscapes and memories that they share with us. Renting a van is the solution to get away easily, sleep where you want and when you want. Our 3 travelers took advantage of it by parking in idyllic and wild places.

Norway in motorhome, it's not only about the road. As soon as you feel like it, put on your shoes, prepare your backpack, and leave your vehicle behind you for a few hours in the middle of nature. In some national parks in northern Europe, it is possible to see the majestic musk ox...

For your trip to Norway, renting a motorhome is the key to unforgettable experiences! Park for the night at the top of a cliff, by a lake, or at the foot of a mountain. Dream of the next day's adventures, in the light of spectacular sunrises and sunsets.


Norway by motorhome, a unique road-trip

To experience the splendor of the North Cape, you'll have to cross the roads of Germany, Denmark and Sweden. With more than 3,000 kilometers of road, you have several days to adopt the lifestyle of the adventurer. You are free to make detours according to the inspiration of the moment. By the time you reach the North Cape by motorhome, you'll not only have stories to tell, but you'll certainly have learned a lot about yourself.

When traveling through Norway by motorhome, expect many surprises - that's the charm of your journey! Be amazed by the beauty of the landscapes along the way, move seamlessly from one country to another and go on a nature hike. As you approach the North Cape, the reindeer will not fail to come and greet you at the wheel of your motorhome.

Arnaud's travel blog

Vacations on the road are very attractive, especially when driving a van. You will quickly realize that there is nothing like Norway in a motorhome to discover the diversity of this country's regions. The aerial shots of our two adventurers and their four-legged friend allow us to capture the beauty of the Scandinavian landscapes.

The complete story of Arnaud, professional photographer, is available on his blog. You will find a detailed summary of the expedition step by step. A summary of joy, memories, but also difficulties and anecdotes... What do they have in common? They all lead to the North Cape.
Selected piece : 
"The first two nights in the city are magical because the sky welcomes the long-awaited northern lights. The road is always so beautiful because, in a few kilometers, we pass from birch forests to typical northern meadows, bordered by slate cliffs. The arrival on the island Mageroya, where the North Cape is located, is done with extreme caution, because the reindeers are numerous and do not hesitate to give way to cars and vans when they want to cross the roads."

On the way to the northernmost point of Europe, our 3 friends are living the good life. But when you decide to travel to Norway by camper van, you have to expect that this life will be very eventful... From canyons to glaciers, from fjords to waterfalls, humans and dogs have plenty of time to stretch their legs! After each escapade, it is with pleasure that our 3 travelers find the comfort of their motorhome, always closer to the North Cape!

Motorhome rental: heading to Norway

Discover Norway by motorhome! You want to rent the same van as Arnaud and Marcelina? Discover all the characteristics of the 2-pax adventure van? Renting a van is an experience to try at least once in your life. Sleeping everywhere and seeing the world as your home is priceless!

To reach the North Cape in a motorhome, it is better to be comfortable in your vehicle. Throughout your adventure, your vehicle is both the means of transportation on which your journey depends, and your cocoon to warm and recharge. For your adventures in Norway, rent the Avis Car-Away van that suits you!
With a little organization, everything you need will fit in the motorhome. With a bit of discipline from all the co-van-lifers (including your four-legged friends), you can fully enjoy the thrill of Norway by motorhome. Depending on how much time you plan to spend on the road, your motorhome rental can start in Norway or in France.

Discover the teaser of Arnaud, Marcelina and Masha's adventure 


Norway by motorhome is waiting for you! These images give every traveler the desire and the means to take the road for an unforgettable road trip in a van on the fabulous roads of Norway. Much more than a simple teaser, these superb shots of Arnaud will be enough to make you dream... even without taking the road!

You want to see more? Watch the whole trip on YouTube. An inspiring experience to share without moderation! 

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